Lost in Spice

When it comes to spices, a lot of us are just as lost as the next. I mean what is a spice? How is it different from an herb? And how do I use this powdery substance, it smells different from how it tastes and I’m confused… In the May 2010 issue of Women’s Health Magazine, Matthew Kadey, a registered dietician dives into some of the more commonly seen and used spices out there. Take a look at his article, that not only breaks down what each spice is, but its flavor profile, health powers and how to best use the spice in cooking.

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The Art of Racing in the Rain; Garth Stein

IMG_1460If you are lucky, there will be a few times in your life when you discover something so purely amazing it will change your life.  For me, finding the The Art of Racing in the Rain is one of these rare discoveries.  It has only been a few years since I took up reading and really started to enjoy it.  In fact, when I’m in school and reading the mundane topics of international warfare, and politics, I actively think to myself, how much I can’t wait to read for leisure again.  I can’t remember when I bought this book, or how I came to find it, but I do know that it sat on my book shelf for months, without a consideration from me to actually read it. I love books, and often buy them with the intention to read them, but I get swept away in life, and forget about them.

When I finally picked up this book, I had no idea how amazing it would be.  I thought it was “cute” at first, the life of a dog, through his own eyes.  Who’d of thought to write this, and why hadn’t anyone written it sooner?  It’s genius!

The story opens with Enzo, the dog & main character, living his life, and giving us the back story of how he came to be with his dad.  I fell in love with him, instantly.  Perhaps because I am a dog lover, or perhaps because Stein is that good, either way, Enzo changed my heart.  I felt myself getting angry at the “new woman” in his dad’s life, empathizing with his pain of being left alone in the house, and sharing his joy and protective nature when it came to the new baby.  But most of all, I felt changed by Enzo & Stein’s words, compassion and hearts.  I know this sounds a little crazy to feel like a character in a book has changed you, but you don’t know Enzo or Stein.  This is an amazing story of love, loyalty, friendship, compassion, forgiveness and devotion on a level that few get to experience in a lifetime.  It has a few heart pounding moments of racing in the rain that sweeps you up and into a fury for show, but at its core this is a book about an amazing man, Enzo.  Who taught me, at a time in my life when I needed to learn an amazing value and virtue, he taught me that I need “to live as if it had been stolen from death, [and] that is how I would like to live.  To feel the joy of life… To separate oneself from the burden, the angst, the anguish that we all encounter everyday.  Today I am alive, I am wonderful, I am.  I am.  That is something to aspire to…That is how I will live my life.”


Makiki Farmers’ Market: Honolulu, Hi

Now a days there are so many farmers’ markets to choose from, and Hawai’i is no different for those of us looking for great produce, craft items and cheap ready to eat foods. On Thursday evenings from 5pm on, the Parish Church of St. Clement, on the corner of Makiki and Wilder, hosts the Makiki Farmers’ Market to a few great vendors and the residents of the Makiki neighborhood. The atmosphere is always so laid back with the residents and vendors’ greeting each other like this is just another neighborhood block party. Lots of long tables are always set up in the center of the market for people to sit and eat, drink (it is BYOB!!), let your puppies play, or catch up with your friends. The Makiki Farmers’ Market is rather small compared to others in Honolulu, like the Blaisdel or KCC Farmers’ Markets but it still has some great key vendors and amazing food stalls. Ono Pops has joined the group, along with a Popcorn tent and others stopping in for a one time show. There is also the standard fresh produce vendors who have some beautiful produce like: bell peppers, various squash and mirepoix basics but the food stalls are what make this farmers’ market great!

My personal favorites at the market is Olay Thai, with a great Pad Thai, and Curry that will spice up yourDSC_0053 night. Sweet Revenge offers an amazing assortment of mini pies in very unique but delicious flavor combinations. The pies are $8 each, a little steep, but definitely worth the price if you can get the lemon crunch pie. It’s a pie so delicious it is comparable to the famous Aiea Bowl Crunch cake. There are also food vendors selling delicious tacos, local fare, and some amazing Ribs & Korean BBQ for cheap prices that are better than some restaurants.

DSC_0033Parking seems to be the only pit fall, being that you must use street parking, which in Makiki can be quite challenging. I recommend parking up the street next to Punahou (2 blocks away), or near Makiki District so that you don’t have to circle for parking. If you’re coming from campus, take Wilder straight down towards Punahou High School, and you’ll run into the market on the left side of the street.   All in all, the Makiki Farmers’ Market seems to be a real gem with great food, cheap vendors, and am amazing community that supports and brings to life this farmers’ market every Thursday from 5pm into the night.

Marathon Dreams

IMG_1317I think I’ve procrastinated on this post because it means the end of my journey to run my first marathon.

Three years ago, we made a commitment(the longest commitment of our lives being the commitment-phobes we are).  We committed to the 52.4 challenge with the San Francisco Marathon.  It meant that we had to run the first half marathon, the second half marathon and then the full marathon in three consecutive years, within the designated times.  Three years ago, this was a lot, it was a huge undertaking considering we had just come up with this idea over a lazy day of internet surfing, no running practice or training, and no real idea of what it took to run a marathon.  We jumped right in tho, we are “that type” of people, who jump in whole heartedly, with little to no fear (due to the bliss of ignorance) of what kind of selfishness and handwork that this three-year commitment would take.

Our first half marathon was run in 2012, and we were a mess afterwards.  We thought dumb things like “ehh how hard could this 13. whatever mile thing be?” “I’m young, IMG_1385I’ll run a few times.  I go this.” By the end of the half marathon, we were a mess!!!! Swollen, sore, stiff, cramped, cold, in pain and hungry.  We could barely move for days after, and for a week after everything continued to hurt.  At the end of our second half marathon in 2013, we were rock stars!  PR times, the run was WAY less of a struggle, and we were ready to conquer the world after.  Nothing was sore, in fact, I wasn’t even tired.  Just hungry and thirsty for a beer.  It was in this race, I really started to “get it.”  I really got what it was to be part of this running community and this was also when I really reached that “high” that everyone talks about.  During this half marathon, I cruised, I cheered people on while I was running, I got an ambulance for another runner who had collapsed, I shared my Gu, and other running stuff.  I danced, sang along to my iPod, closed my eyes for a few miles, and genuinely felt pure bliss and joy as I was running. The difference was that I really appreciated my run, I respected the course, and trained.  That’s why when I fell and gave myself permanent spinal cord damage in November of 2013, I got scared.  I had been running, I applied for and became an Ambassador to the San Francisco Marathon for 2014, I was on a roll, I was increasing my speed, my confidence, my distance, my everything!  And then I was told I could not and should not run this marathon, but as with most stubborn people when I was told “no,” I immediately said “oh yeah, watch this.”  Thus began the real part of this journey…

IMG_1459Becoming an ambassador for the 2014 San Francisco Marathon changed my life.  It somehow gave me 85 people who I had never met, their support, their inspiration, IMG_1418their courage to run this, and I did.  I struggled for months on whether or not this was really a good idea, and wether or not I could realistically do this 26.2 mile run.  With the confidence of my boyfriend, my fellow ambassadors and my “will” I decided to run a half in Kentucky in March.  I figured that if I could do this, I could do 26.2.  Not only did I run the Run the Bluegrass half, I did it  in 2:30.  And for the first time ever, I followed it up with the Hollywood Half the next weekend, and cut 7 minutes off my time!  It was then that I was convinced I could run the SF Marathon!  The doctors still said not to, some of my friends even frowned on it, but we were convinced and determined to do this.  I barely trained these last months with a new job taking over my life, rehab, physical therapy, dog training, homework for school, a few dental surgeries and fatigue setting in.  But I still ran as much as I could.  I ran sometimes only one mile or a few blocks, and got myself up to 3 miles before the marathon.  I think I was able to get about 5 runs in, in the last two months.  My back and time just didn’t permit me to have more “good days,” where I could move.

We left for San Francisco, and I knew my goal was to run this race in 6 hours, so I could get my 52.4 sweater.  My secret goal (more on this later) was to run this in 5:30 or less.  I wanted to run as much as I could, and walk as little as possible.  I just wanted to finish because in my state, finishing was going to be a huge accomplishment all its own.  As a side note, I always have at least two goals.  One that I will outwardly tell people, and a second one that I never say out loud.  I just push to achieve it!

The Friday before the race, I was headed to the Expo with Chloe to work the booths as an ambassador.  I was nervous, because well, I’m always nervous. I must say, I had a blast!!! I loved meeting the faces I’d met via instagram and Facebook.  I loved being part of the team that put this race together, bringing 26,000 people from around the world together, to share in this SOLD OUT experience.

1620670_10153025431852598_5353551589188586251_nOn race morning I was scared.  I hadn’t slept because of my nerves and anxiety.  I was starting to reconsider running at all, until I met Joe via Instagram.  He was a random Florida man, running the marathon for the first time (in SF), staying in the same hotel, and unable to sleep too!  It was 3am, and I laid out my clothes, drank my coffee, and braided my race hair.  4:30am came around, and we all met in the lobby to walk over to the starting line.  6am rolled around, and we were off!  I was running it, and it was “game time.”  My boyfriend and I had committed to meeting on the bridge for our traditional picture on the bridge.  He took off, and was doing great!  I was pacing myself.  I had a plan, and wasn’t going to sacrifice the goal for anything.  By mile 2 I had a leg cramp.  By mile 5 I was tired, but convinced myself that I had to run over the bridge and back.  No exceptions and just because I did it before.  On the bridge I wanted to stop, desperately.  My back was hurting, my spine was pinching, my cramp was still there, my shin was piercing, my foot was swollen, but I pushed on.  Coming off the bridge, I knew I was about to hit mile 9 and a killer hill, so I pushed through and am so happy I did! At mile 10 I was considering ending the run at the half mark with the rest of the people running 13.1.  BUT by mile 11 I was in cruise mode.  Everything hurt, but didn’t at the same time!  My brain was off, my feet kept moving, and I hit the zone.  I sang, I danced, I hugged the guy on the side, shared my gu, and cheered people on.  Before I knew it, I was at miles 20.  And shortly before that 20 mile marker, I remember thinking IMG_1392to myself “I get it… I’m hooked!  I know why people do this.  I love running.. marathons!”


I finished this race in 5:10!!! 2015… I ran almost the entire race (and I mean I ran about 26 miles straight!) I”ll be back to run this course for time!  Thank you to everyone who gave me the confidence, and the help to cross the finish line.

What I’ve been given during this three-year journey is more than I can ever repay the people I’ve met along the way.  I’ve been able to fundraise for The Ronald McDonald House, Wounded Warrior Project, Stand Up to Cancer, The Tibetan Relief Fund, The Shooting Star Chase and the ASPCA; to help fight against the things that mean the most to me in life.  I’ve learned and gained an understanding through running that I can make a difference in one person’s life, and that difference in that one person is all it takes sometimes to make change.  I’ve learned that human beings are amazing, and that we all have a dark place we’re fighting against to let the “good” win out, over the evils.  But most of all, through running.. I have selfishly been given a heart whose sole purpose in life is “to leave it a little better than how I found it.”



Korea LA Times Article.. circa 2009

“Cooking is my love.”

Korean director famous for Cooking Class ’20 ‘Tina Rogers
Published: 2009-07-15 (Wed)
These days, young people are the envy of the profession of chef.

Of course, before this job ‘star’ caught when the title says. Barbie play, Jamie Oliver, Rachel Ray, celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay are no longer such a non-cook like Hollywood stars and celebrities are supposed to host his own TV show, and also enjoys great wealth and honor because.

So many young people are dropping out of school and put away, or I beat my old job to go to culinary school to be a chef to open a restaurant. Second generation Korean-American go today is no exception rising chefs in LA or New York, etc. in the name of Korean is not difficult to find. The star chef, if not exactly famous chef in restaurant or in the hotel restaurant as not less ambitious in the number of Korean Korean trend of increasing number of two-year-old chef, who goes.

Only male Korean chef here ppaegokhan list comely lady seemed to be one person should want to add more.Salida famous table, kitchen supplies shop (Sur La Table) cooking class run by Tina Rogers, director of the protagonist of the right. Tina was born in an Italian father and a Korean mother says celebrity chef restaurant is also a professor at The Institute of Culinary Education is everybody’s successful catering industry. This versatile lady one afternoon last week, the summer sun Grove sore from my Salida met your kitchen table.

food1-suchefTable Cooking Class Director Tina Rogers Salida is located in Salida in Grove Mall posed kitchen table. Le Cordon Bleu famous restaurant chefs in colorful history professor proud to her mother, but her cooking is simple, but looks like the dining table.

# Wonder Woman, food and love to indulge in

Divide the first look at her and in many ways the story is amazing. First, the name of the moment, but there is less likelihood that the ‘hump Maybe Koreans’ indicates they want to look as perfect (?) Korea people.Carefully so as to ask the mother is Korean. Yitalriahgye American father.

And her title. Currently, she is a cooking class Salida table ‘my teacher’ it. So here narrows the general manager in his late 20s, she is barely older than she spearheaded many teachers who do that, but first I wondered more than 10 years of her culinary career is knowing that the head reaches into a nod. Then right again ’10-year career “in the passage is reached, another surprise.

“After graduating from high school, went to culinary school right just famous soon started to work in hotels and restaurants. The Ritz-Carlton, and then worked in Fatima Group, etc.. Keep you Keep you in school when those days have not slept 2-3 hours a day I think. But when you learn, then prime with famous chefs have been able to work in the field For me, it was a good luck. “

Greed is the quality of her work does not end here. School of Cooking FIDM grad school admission to the fashion. Wen’s chef school? Which are thought to where she was studying interior kitchen.

“Of course they work in order to become a good cook, you should be familiar with the space you think I’m here. How to design a kitchen and place, must obtain the copper work as a cook if it is studied as a professor to teach in schools even when helpful, I guess. “

Chef Korean evangelist, professor … …
Korean mother put 10-year career
Mastered a fashion school, business administration, etc.
“I want to make my own food”

# Need to survive poison the world

Age occupation is wrong sex is wrong is wrong, but they have in common is the same for both successful.Instantly become the best in their field, as well as sleep time only personal time devoted to work and that they return. Ms. Tina also not significantly different. Eighteen from the moment I learned to cook for the first time in 10 years from now relax like never seen before, do not have a capital equator. When students during the day and studying at night jugyeongyadok was literally did my dining room, the chef would have been a full-time study also did not miss a hand. To do that, 10 years 2-3 job was the primary.

“Maybe she’ll keoteul the impact. Korea peculiar people diligence, hard work and patience did highlight. So from an early age not in competition seems to have learned how to not to want to try. “

Wonder why. 10 years of experience chef gotta do is gorgeous, but her resume.

In addition to culinary school where she went to school with more than 3 million food restaurant in addition to her qualifications in Business Administration from the restaurant kitchen, a nutritionist and cooking mastered all relevant studies were random. Claim Jumper restaurant too, from large chains such as Fatima Bakery Connors Group, Chef at The Ritz-Carlton, such as a restaurant, sometimes known as a trainer, he worked as a senior manager.

Before coming to the table Salida’s famous cooking school in Pasadena yen ‘Le Cordon Bleu’ served as a professor. She is the youngest professor in the school of course is not to mention yeoteum. Why is she in such a stable job than its Small wonder moved to Salida table.

“I wanted to see my own cooking classes to operate. Cordon Bleu is suggested that because the school’s curriculum, faculty members’m not easy to creativity. But here I want to eseon putting together a recipe to create a curriculum in any way that you can proceed with class’s biggest attractions. “

# Korean food is a source of inspiration in

Guess what her favorite dishes. This question and she answered without hesitation, the rice and kimchi. Italy has one year to live in a small rural village in the country as the father of Italian pasta dishes like the Ue is so special to her Italian food, of course, I wanted Maybe God, no. Korean diet every day, in the evening she said.In addition, the restaurant in Koreatown came hours after South Korea’s Korean eat as much as she loves to the Yunnan.

“Every year young grandmother, aunt, mom and I went with the fence in the backyard kimchi. But not a kimchi. Marilyn was a dinner of Korean kimchi stew said miso soup, and various side dishes grew up eating Korean food for dinner today, thanks to ever see a big deal if there is no rice and kimchi (laughs). “

Love this, thanks to her eccentric Cordon Bleu in Korean, Salida table now comes in a variety of kimchi, she operates a Korean class. Of course, the recipe will take her mother to teach her things that are reinforced and developed.

God is still speaking of such a dish Nago why her eyes sparkling, and many jobs did he chose the profession of chef Unlike quickly answer, let’s not expect. Not until some time passes, her mouth ttetda.

“Ten years ago it was not so much as they are becoming a chef. Chef doses not know about the job the others thought he was the hard work of the profession also have to work off Halladay, why not look at the young career are concerned, I was a good fit. So when looking at Cordon Bleu Appearances teach students enrolled in convincing many of the shows I dropped out. Talrakryul is high, especially female students. Of course, you will go to school, so my mother and I have cooked a lot when I did the opposite. Wait, but when you think about it before cooking, I like to just blindly perhaps the commitment. The dishes do not think anything in that moment, I relish this dish I think of someone who seems to be happy while. The answer is too stupid to hit it?(Laughs). “

Perhaps her mother died 10 years ago, instead of cooking and still be good, but a whole life seemed like a dream beyond the rainbow.

food2-kidsTraders Day Special events held last month wave kids cooking classes to teach yourself, Mr. Tina.

table within the Grove cooking class, recipes and recipes unenviable famous restaurant known for teaching.

Hyeon, photos yieunho>